President George W. Bush introduced a program intended to improve the education of American school children called “No child left behind.”

Certainly we want every child to have educational success to equal his capability. I want my children to have the best equipment and materials, the best facilities, the best programs, the safest environment, and of course the best instruction.

No doubt considerable progress was the result of this progressive program. However, these efforts produced conflicting results. Apparently some administrators and instructors used creative methods to meet what may have been an unreasonable standard.

No Child Left Behind became a political football and its success is in doubt. I am sure even a few “Chip shot field goals” were missed along with a few infractions overlooked by the officials.

Unfortunately the program became a catch phrase of vocal left meant to disparage President Bush and this well-intentioned plan.

The title of this program reminds me of a similar program favored by the current Administration I call the “Get out the voter” plan. This protects the most overlooked votes in the election process. Those that are not on the legitimate “Get out the vote” lists. They include those new arrivals that slipped across our borders and have yet to locate the Registration Office, the convicted felons, the unidentified, the multiple voters, and the deceased.

These voters are the most disenfranchised in our society and we are told they must be heard from. They can and likely have made a difference in the leadership of our country so common courtesy suggests that we pay closer attention.

Obama won the 2008 Presidential election by approximately seven million votes. The current polls suggest the 2012 election is a toss up and the margin of victory may demand another creative “Acorn” get out the vote tactic.

The potential undiscovered voters could easily surpass that number and help decide the 2012 election. The estimate of DECEASED potential voters in just 2011 is more that thirty one million. CONVICTED FELONS number more than a half million, and ILLEGAL ALIENS are estimated at eleven million. A potential MLTIPLE voter lurks just around the corner. Of course the number of DUPLICATE voters is infinite. This suggests a great potential source to decide an election.

Voter ID laws would screw up any plan to be creative and are called by some to be discriminative, racist, and downright unfair. Interesting that the word “Liberal” includes in its definition the characteristic of being “Creative,” open to new ideas, willing to disregard traditional values. Hmmmm!

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