Pregnant man sees son walk down the street

My 32 year old son is so ill in the head, I was told by the

court,”its not a crime to be Ill in the head in our state.”

He is homeless be choice, gives everything away, eats smoke,

wont eat, he told me he died, he is waiting for his body to

catch up. I just saw him walk down the road with no shoes

on. He was once 6 years old, 1st day in christian school.

wow, was he cute! he sat in the front row! Mrs Roberts

was his teachers name. I was the top salesman in the nation!

life was great! He is 13 now, stop nagging me! its just pot!

I am flying off somewhere, you deal with it! Kicked out of

home room for drinking a coke? what do you mean you

were doing other things with coke? MY SON DOES NOT

DO METH!!!!! I live in a fancy house, my wife doesnt work

I make lots of money, If you bring up my love of wine one

more time! I will spend more time with him! I have a boss

that doesnt give a rats axx about our problems. I wanted

to deal with this, but I had a power bill, and I am to weak

to admit that I am a failure as his dad and sorry isnt good


Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who

have the habit of making excuses.

George Washington


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