Why buy Nike air max thea online?

Are you looking to purchase the Nike air max shoes? If yes is that you answered then the best option for you is to buy the Nike air max thea online. Certain people are reluctant to go online to buy… Continue reading

Hole’s In My Soul’s


Walkin’ lost, now where to go,

find a whole, or hide you’re eye’s knives from watchin’ this unfortunate slide show,

yes, feel the flow,

to & fro just like ebb & flow,

top of the table, root’s let it… Continue reading

Understanding the benefits of being self sustained.

I have heard from many people, including myself say they hate their job, food is too expensive, bills are stacking up. Just like the majority I have fought and devised ways of cutting my bills down, or trying to get… Continue reading

Is it worth the risk to draft Dorial Green-Beckham if you are the 49ers?

The 49ers have the 15th pick in the NFL’s 2015 draft this April. There are little holes here and there on the San Francisco 49ers roster, that are being addressed via free agency and some will be addressed during the… Continue reading

DarkTowerHeads Blogs

Last time we were talking/reading Roland was being held captive by what he thought were nuns.  They were not.  Jenna was by his side feeding him soup and after she saw what he was Reeds of nourishment and… Continue reading

Online Surveys… $40 A Day?

Online Surveys… $40 per day?
First of all let me start of by saying that by no means am I a writer. So if I make a mistake please remember that. OK with that out of the way it is… Continue reading

Are backlinks still alive or Backlinks are dead?

Backlinks are dead, long live backlinks!
Link building is dead” is something that you might have heard from several SEOs during the last few weeks and months. It’s true that search engine optimization has changed a lot. But are links… Continue reading

5 Important Rules in Website Design

When it comes to your website, extra attention should be paid to every minute detail to make sure it performs optimally to serve its purpose. Here are seven important rules of thumb to observe to make sure your website performs… Continue reading

5 Tips for Buying a Laptop

5 Tips for Buying a Laptop

Buying a laptop is a major investment decision. As such it is not one that you should make lightly. Below are 5 tips that will help prepare you for making the best and most… Continue reading

Tapping Twitter Knowledge to Fine-tune Trading Skills

Being present on the social media platforms became much more important than it used to be. If, in the beginning, people were creating Facebook profile, for example, just for fun and for being eager to socialize, things are completely different… Continue reading