Silver Will No Longer Be The Poor Man’s Gold

gold-silver_0Gold has always symbolized wealth or prosperity while silver is often referred to as the poor man’s gold. But both are precious metals even in the days of yore. In the recent past, silver has been generally ignored, but at… Continue reading

What are the benefits of using promotional products for marketing your brand?


Promotional tools are effective tools for marketing your brand and promoting your business. They go a long way in creating brand awareness and in winning over the trust and confidence of people. Promotional items are a cost effective means… Continue reading

What Are The Fun And Interesting Things You Expect In Turkey?

Who will deny the fact that Turkey is one of the European countries whose economy has grown to higher scales in the recent fast when other European countries have been struggling with their internal disputes, the Turkish republic has been… Continue reading

Life of a Fisherman


Life of a Fisherman…

Trials and tribulations; abruptly bulldozed by reality!

  Pre-Dawn- 4:27 a.m.

     There’s nothing more pleasant than the whispering sound of your ‘first cast of the

day’ lure floating, mid-air, like a… Continue reading

My Published Books…

I remember coming to the United States from my hometown of Minsk, Belarus  with absolutely no knowledge of the English language. The only word that I knew back then was no. I was really determined to master English… Continue reading

DarkTowerHeads Blog

Hey y’all, long time no post.  Been busy going to school and keeping my skills tight.  Last we spoke or rather typed, Roland and Eddie were on their way to speak to the main man Stephen King and… Continue reading

What is a Friend?

I am hoping that I might get some feedback regarding “friendship.” I am 62 years old. Now one would surmise that this age must bring with it some sort of life experiences to warrant a bit of an understanding of… Continue reading

Klaatu Barada Nikto

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Live long and prosper my lonely cyber- cadets. I applaud you as you search the outer reaches of cyber-space and beyond in an attempt to find truth, justice and good Chinese take-out.


Been pondering this whole alien thing… Continue reading

Top 10 Michael Jordan Quotes

Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player of all time, most well known for his spectacular dunks and acrobatic shots during clutch games.  He had an intensity that filtered through all those who played with him and around him.… Continue reading

Excerpt from the book “Haute Grandpa: A Baby Boomer’s Adventures in Cyber-Dating

If you must know, this whole dating thing began as nothing more than a simple desire to find “Twue Wuv”, to quote one of my favorite movies. Okay, at 57 true love might be pushing it a bit. I guess… Continue reading

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