Treat others how thyself would love to be treated.

With Balance being the scale, continuously daydreaming, wondering, gazing, naturally, settling, understanding Continously, individually, being vigilant feeling genuine Forgetting with the wind We continue to blend Spontaneously obtaining! Beauty begins……

Taking Personal Accountability

All my life I remember thinking, “Not by myself.” As an only child I feel that I should have been more outgoing. But the truth is, I didn’t have anyone to show me how. Really, after over 30 years, I’m… Continue reading

Knit a Quick-N-Easy Pair of Slippers

These slippers make quick presents for anyone. The pattern is great for beginners, intermediate and experienced knitters.

I have been knitting since I was seven years old; that’s more than 40 years ago. I still remember the first pattern I… Continue reading

Crochet a Raised Flower

Many years ago, I was shown this pattern for a raised flower. Written patterns have been around for a long time, but those who crochet have been around longer. Before written patterns became widely available, women would learn a new… Continue reading

Being Liam Neeson

Being Liam Neeson

(Jump-Starting Your Inner Alpha Male)

I always thought of myself as your average, regular guy. Well, except for the fact that I’m not into sports and would rather watchNeeson Project Runway than American Ninja. Oh, and I… Continue reading

Five Crafts For The Road

I love traveling, but when the scenery changes to nothing but long stretches of road, boredom can make me want to scream. I don’t craft while I drive- that’s just stupid. I do pull over for breaks, walk around, sit… Continue reading

Top Motorcycle Camping Trailers

I love to go camping, whether my friends and myself go by bicycles, trucks, SUV’s, vans, horses or motorcycles. We also hike into an area carrying our own tents. It’s a lot of fun to travel and camp different ways.… Continue reading

Where’s the Chocolate Chip Cookies

Where’s the Chocolate Chip Cookies?


When do I finally decide enough is enough, abandon Macy’s, and start buying clothes in bulk at Costco? Is there a magical age one cookiereaches when the desire for a waist size that’s less… Continue reading

I Want to Look Like Heidi Klum…

… but I’m 5’2”, brunette and 50.  The above statement was made by my wife in response to my desire to have the body of a 20-year-old male model, complete with a six pack and buns of steel. My… Continue reading

How to write a living post in 20 min

I realize this is writing blasphemy.content is king. But when I have a daily schedule to post on and a business to run, I don’t have time to spend hours polishing every single blog post or writing 2,000-word articles.

Writing… Continue reading

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