Kill Plaque- Take Charge of your Smile

Your smile is one of the most important asset, which you can only sustain by keeping your teeth in good condition. However, keeping your teeth healthy sometimes seems like a challenging task, when a disease called plaque is formed on… Continue reading

A Writer Without Words

My mind is blank. I have no words. I am a writer with no words at a time when extreme revelation will not wait for me to recollect my thoughts and then I am simply forced to experience it –… Continue reading


In the dark, everything is less certain. It is more frightening and more disheartening because faith is required to navigate through it. But the sun always rises and when it does, if you have held onto the faith that led… Continue reading

Addressing the Energy Demand in Middle East

Being home to more than half of the world’s crude oil, the Middle Eastern region has gained huge significance as a global producer of energy. “Energy independence” has become a Middle Eastern battle cry. Just wait, an energy independent strategy,… Continue reading

Hong Kong: Travel and Tourism Trends

Think China and tourism and the first thing that will come to mind is Hong Kong. Hong Kong harbors one of the best-kept secrets of travel. It is the travellers paradise. The travel and tourism industry is a huge part… Continue reading

Medical Care doesn’t have to be this way

I once sold a suction catheter to a major hospital for less than a dollar. They sold the kit to a patient for $29.50.Most products had the same markup.

Now I thought with national insurance, things would change. Nobody in… Continue reading

Unfreezing and Movement: Two phases of Organisational

Unfreezing–Phase 1
Most changes in an organization is preceded by some other change. Usually, that “something” is success. In other words, individuals, teams or companies generally have a history of doing the right thing and doing it well before a… Continue reading

Organisational Change Factors: Technological, Legal and Societal Developments

Legal and Political Developments
When new laws or courts issue new interpretations of those laws by governments of a company, then need to respond, even when the solutions or types of changes that should be made are not obvious. However,… Continue reading

3 Ideas for 2 bedroom granny flat designs

More than the comfort the care and safety has to be kept in mind. This is why you have to contact professional granny flat designers. You need to sit with them in person and discuss the different aspects that you… Continue reading

Driving a Taxi the Insured Way

Have you recently become a chauffeur and performing your job with all dedication and devotion? This is not enough when you are a cab driver. You need to ensure that like your driving skills, your taxi should also be perfect,… Continue reading