Could the Moon soon have an atmosphere like Earths?

So remember when you were watching Red Planet (well if you did, it didn’t do very good in theatres) and was like “Wow that would be cool if we could terraform Mars?” Well Russia has announced its plans of terraforming… Continue reading

Ouch! My car is broke!

We’ve had some maintenance issues on our minivan and today was the day that we finally took it in for some repairs.  The power steering fluid is leaking and we have to get a new rack and pinion and… Continue reading

The war on our rights!


So I think guns are a big issue here in the states. I read a post on how buying the cricket gun for your kid will make them a killer. He even mentioned how a cop left his gun a… Continue reading

Poe-A- Tree

Woe is me, woe is me

I can’t seem to write any poetry.

I have song and lyrics, but they don’t seem appropriate.

I think that I may have to consult my associate.

A Broken Neck; A Broken Heart

It came in an instant, falling—- unable to know why.

Am I clumsy?

I thought I wasn’t.

But now I lay upon the floor:

hurt, confused


You have eyes but cannot see,
All the destruction that surrounds us.
Rape, pillage, and plunder; overturn every rock and stone.
Rise up and let your voice be heard by all.
Gentleness with your fervor is needed.
Come together as… Continue reading 

13 Best Ways to Make Money Online

New Ideals of online keep making matter behind zero cost
Fortunately, most domicile based online businesses can be started later tiny or no cash, can be maintained in the region of a shoestring budget, and can be operated successfully as… Continue reading

Pharmacy: Educational Requirements and Career Options

Pharmacy courses are among the most popular courses in India. The study of pharmacy involves health sciences and chemical sciences. Becoming a pharmacist requires a significant amount of formal education about pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology & toxicology, hospital pharmacy, health education… Continue reading

The Return to Cora Bora

The flight would be landing in less than an hour.  It had been a long flight.   Mark Beauman stretched, thankful that he was flying first class.  On his previous trip  to Cora Bora he had… Continue reading

Purchase lavish nike roshe flyknit for your use!


Purchasing shoes are always a difficult job. In case you want to purchase sneakers or other kind of shoes then purchasing ones that offer best comfort is highly significant. Today in the market there are lot brands that offer these… Continue reading