Control strategies in humans and crowd control

Reveals the world of linguistics and American thinker Noam Chomsky in this article is what might be called the “ten and guidance control strategiesadopted by the spheres of influence in the world to manipulate crowds and directing… Continue reading

Plaque: What you should know?

In this hi-tech world it is necessary that you should be acquainted with some of the general facts, especially with the ones with which you yourself are attached. They may be about your body, your daily routine, your food, your… Continue reading

Top 6 benefits of sliding wardrobe doors

Conventional, hinged doors have become a thing of the past. A perfect combination of style and practicality, sliding doors have become a must for modern homes. There are a number of reasons why you must choose sliding wardrobe doors.

  1. Sliding… Continue reading

Top tips for choosing storage space in Singapore

There are many reasons why people choose to rent storage space. Self-storage facilities can be used for putting extra items that one doesn’t require at the time of moving, but doesn’t want to sell off or give away to someone.… Continue reading

The Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been popular in China and other Asian countries and the people of China have been drinking green tea for thousands Green Teaof years for its medicinal purposes. This drink has been shown to provide many therapeutic benefits.

Unlike… Continue reading

Child Custody; why is it so damn hard?!

I am a father of one beautiful little girl named Lily-Rose Nelson. She is seven years old and is the apple of my eye. I love her so much and would do anything for her. Her mother and I were… Continue reading

The Influence of TV, Film


Humanity has always turned to storytelling to make sense of the world, and the ways in which we tell those stories changes in step with technology. The early twentieth century saw the rise of cinema and radio, followed by… Continue reading


remembrance day 1415560216 300x199 The Haunting Tune Flowers of the ForestDuring Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday services, a haunting tune is played on the bagpipes. Its melancholy strains are also often heard at Commonwealth military funerals and memorial services. It is a song often associated with grieving… Continue reading

Huawei Ascend Y201 PRO Smart Phone

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The Cube Test – Engaging and Exploring the Subconscious Mind

What if you had the power to take a journey around someone’s subconscious mind and explore their true personalities?

Imagine the power of being about to:

  • Discover their deepest desires
  • Reveal their darkest secrets
  • See how they see the world… Continue reading