Why choose climate controlled storage units?

When it comes to storing your belongings in a storage unit, it is important to remember that harsh temperatures like excessive heat or cold can damage some of your precious household items. Even though most items can be stored in… Continue reading

A Magical Man died this week

Robin Williams was magical. few have an ability to create laughter with nothing but a scarf, or chair. Everyone

seems to be affected by his loss. He had early stages of Parkinson’s disease. I do as well. How many people… Continue reading

Which flowers evoke the sentiments of love and romance?

Flowers speak a language of love. Since ages, flowers have been used to express the heartfelt emotions of love, romance, passion, and affection. But there are certain flowers that evoke the sentiments of love, fidelity, and devotion strongly and effectively… Continue reading

Let’s Get Physical

Greetings cyber-space cowboys, it is I, Little Neo back with more thought-provoking tidbits guaranteed to make you wonder just who is out there and do they really think we might taste like chicken.

Funny Fitness Anecdote:

You Are Still Beautiful!

There will be moments in your life where you will look to your left and to your right, and find no one standing next to you. As a tree stands tall, and during certain seasons, lose its leaves, you have… Continue reading

DarkTowerHeads Blog

True  gunslinger, Jake is running through the mind-bending machine and those half human half animals are chasing him.  They tell him that “Da Faddah is dinnah” laughing as they make it their business to make sure that he… Continue reading

Silver Will No Longer Be The Poor Man’s Gold

gold-silver_0Gold has always symbolized wealth or prosperity while silver is often referred to as the poor man’s gold. But both are precious metals even in the days of yore. In the recent past, silver has been generally ignored, but at… Continue reading

What are the benefits of using promotional products for marketing your brand?


Promotional tools are effective tools for marketing your brand and promoting your business. They go a long way in creating brand awareness and in winning over the trust and confidence of people. Promotional items are a cost effective means… Continue reading

What Are The Fun And Interesting Things You Expect In Turkey?

Who will deny the fact that Turkey is one of the European countries whose economy has grown to higher scales in the recent fast when other European countries have been struggling with their internal disputes, the Turkish republic has been… Continue reading

Life of a Fisherman


Life of a Fisherman…

Trials and tribulations; abruptly bulldozed by reality!

  Pre-Dawn- 4:27 a.m.

     There’s nothing more pleasant than the whispering sound of your ‘first cast of the

day’ lure floating, mid-air, like a… Continue reading

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